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Obscure Object of Desire: Missing Digits Spartan Knife Block


The Spartan Knife Block by Missing Digit Woodworks is the latest character-style knife block to hit the market.

Creating character-piece knife blocks is not a unique idea. The first one I became aware of was the “Voodoo Knife Block“, and I have stumbled across a couple of others in the last year. This one, based on a Spartan Warrior, is actually too well designed and built. Their design has gone viral, and Missing Digits Woodshop has been crushed under the orders.

Each knife block is a combination of CNC and hand-work, made from locally-sourced maple and walnut. The one in the picture is actually plywood, and is an early rendering.

They are made one at a time, and the production run was initially going to be limited to 40 pieces. But that was before technology and design sites like Gizmodo (where I came across it) got a hold on it.

They have since updated their site to increase the initial run, and then to announce a second run of these cool pieces. It is obvious that this is a small-scale operation. I know things like this are dorky, but I find them amusing. I leave this trivet on a cutting board I made along with my bread dome, and more than one visitor has remarked on the arrangement.


The cutting board is walnut and maple, so you can imagine the color contrast in the production Spartan blocks.

The knives that are displayed in the block are IKEA Slitbar kitchen knives.

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