Black Friday Deals

Just a quick reminder that Black Friday is coming up. Many knife dealers have specials going on. The ones to pay attention to are Blade HQ, GP Knives, Cutlery Shoppe, and Knife Center. I don’t know exact sales yet, but they’re usually pretty awesome. We’ll update you guys as we get more information. UPDATE #1: […]

Housekeeping: Cue the balloon drop.

In the wee hours of the morning we reached a bit of a milestone – our 2 millionth page view. To put it in perspective, my guide service’s website, Smoky Mountain Gillies, has 77k since I opened in 2006. Of course we have a long way to go to catch the Mothership, TTAG gets in […]

Switchblades On The Rise In Tennessee

I came across this article from Nashville Public Radio recently, “Switchblades Return to Tennessee As Knife Rights Movement Quietly Grows” detailing the scene in the state now that it’s antiquated switchblade ban has been stricken from the books. It tries to remain balanced, but some “anti” bias does creep in.