Somebody Please Suggest a Headline for this post… Samurai Hairdresser Edition

From the “I don’t quite know what to say” file comes a bit of lighter fare. Nguyen Hoang Hung, a Vietnamese hairdresser in Da Nang, decided that cutting hair with 11 pairs of scissors at once had become passe and decided to focus on a single tool. His choice of tool is a bit atypical to say the least. My Nguyen has taken to wielding a Wakizashi as he whacks women’s coifs.

From Distractify:

“About four years ago, Hung participated in a game show that required him to cut hair with a handsaw. After the show, he decided to try his hand at haircutting with a katana. He practiced cutting hair on training wigs to master his unique technique. Starting with longer hair and eventually progressing to a level of mastery that would allow him to create a pixie cut, Hung now works exclusively with a Wakizashi (a razor-sharp Samurai sword typically used for fighting in close quarters).”

One can only hope that this inspires internet copycats. The resulting fails could break YouTube.

Anyone want to take a stab at a good title for this post? Please do so in the comments below.


12 responses to ‘Somebody Please Suggest a Headline for this post… Samurai Hairdresser Edition

  1. Hi Clay! Perhaps a slogan “Differential tempering, preferential treatment, only the best at Swords and Styles, where we’re always slashing prices (among other things)”

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