If they ban all the pointy things…


My ball-peen hammer is not a threat to anyone unless wielded with evil intent.

It probably isn’t news to you unless you get all of your “news” from the New York Times (they finally posted a one-paragraph AP story at 7:30pm tonight), but a Bosnian immigrant, Zemir Begic, was bludgeoned to death by a group of hammer-wielding teenagers.  According to St. Louis Police this attack was not racially motivated . I am skeptical, given the racial composition of the attackers and victim and the fact that Zemir was not the first Bosnian attacked by the group last night (according to the Huffington Post).

I am not breaking new ground here, but to fetishize an inanimate object is to miss the point. A gun, a knife, a hammer, matches, or any other tool is no threat to anyone without an actor using it to harm.

I remember watching one of those “Gangland” shows about the Hell’s Angels and their fondness for ball-peen hammers. According to the show, the Angels like to carry hammers because simple possession does not count as a criminal offense. I have no way of testing the veracity of that statement, but it makes sense.

Any tool can be misused. The photo below shows the “tools” that were confiscated by San Francisco Police at a Ferguson rally. Officers were injured by “peaceful protesters” who weren’t. We as a country need to re-examine our rock-control laws.


Some of the “tools” that were thrown at San Francisco Police by Ferguson “protesters”.

Or not. No matter how many laws you pass, you are not going to be able to cover every possible item that can be weaponized. Even if an object is banned, someone who is not deterred by laws regarding assault or murder is unlikely to honor weapons laws (or a “weapon free zone” sign). It is nonsensical to believe otherwise.


We as a country need to re-examine our rock-control laws. (photo: SF Police Dept.)



In other semi-related news, the Knife Intifada continues in Israel. An Israeli man was stabbed by a female terrorist in the town of Gush Etzion, before she was shot and seriously wounded by security forces. There were also incidents of rock throwing and a pair of firebombs thrown into a backyard.  All in the last 24 hours. I wonder if Israel has laws against such things. (read more at the Jerusalem Post)


The knife from the Gush Etzion attack. (source: JewishPress.com)



  1. Spencer says:

    This is not breaking news, but too many people-e.g., enablers–in Western culture refuse to place any blame on some folks’ rotten behavior. Instead, the enablers bloviate against certain inanimate objects as being the root cause of violence.

  2. sagebrushracer says:

    well rock control or no, we need to implement brick control asap.

  3. DanV says:

    Bad people do bad things with whatever is available to them. I live in the St. Louis area and have zero desire to go anywhere in the city right now.

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If they ban all the pointy things…

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