8 Dead in Down-Under Stabbing Massacre

Details are still emerging as the news broke overnight in the US, but there has been an apparent knife massacre in Australia. Eight children, ranging in age from 18 months old to 15 years were discovered dead by an older sibling (one child was a cousin) along with his mother who is alive but has […]

Friday Housekeeping and Link Dump

I know we have been news-heavy of late, but there has been a fair amount going on. I stand by the decision to devote two days of coverage to the Connecticut court case. The first post was breaking news, I had the post up within 5 hours of the news hitting the wire. I am […]

Connecticut Veteran’s Knife Conviction Overturned

A Connecticut court has thrown out the conviction of Jason DeCiccio, a former Army Medic who was due to serve 15 months in prison for the possession of “illegal” knives and a police baton. The problem arose when Mr. DeCiccio was involved in a traffic accident while moving from Connecticut to Massachusetts to take a […]