Knife Owners Protection Act Bill Filed in Congress

By Dean Weingarten Congressman Matt Salmon from Arizona has filed the Knife Owners Protection Act (KOPA) in the 2015 session of Congress. KOPA would extend to knives the protections afforded to firearm owners in the Firearms Owners Protection Act (FOPA) of 1986. If a person may legally own a knife where he started his travel, […]

Spotted at SHOT Show: Kershaw K-TOOL

With some notable exceptions, Gerber seems to turn out a lot of junk these days, but one sure winner in their line-up is the diminutive, uber-handy Shard. That little piece of stamped steel adorns a lot of keychains. Now, looking to get in on the EDC action is Kershaw with their new K-TOOL. It’s a […]

Knife Rights Update: January “News Slice”

While the above video may be a bit of a bizarre medium for listing their accomplishments, I found it strangely compelling and watched the whole thing. This was due in part because I wanted to see the listing of the bills leading to Tennessee Knife Freedom Day. And the music was pretty good. I have […]