New From Zero Tolerance: 0450 Titanium Frame Lock Flipper

IMG_0651If you’ve avoided carrying any of Zero Tolerance’s impressive blades because of their prodigious size and pocket-straining weight, we feel your pain. But avoid no more. Hitting stores in Q2 will be one of their newest designs, a collaboration with designer Dmitry Sinkevich ZT has dubbed the 0450. The slim flipper will sport a 3.25″ S35VN drop point nestled in titanium scales . . .

Note the ZT lasered logo that’s missing from the usual spot on the blade. Instead, Zero Tolerance has embossed their full name on the the scale. Best of all: this EDC delight tips the scales at only 2.9 oz. And all for a $200 MSRP .



13 responses to ‘New From Zero Tolerance: 0450 Titanium Frame Lock Flipper

  1. I love me some ZT! Titanium frame lock and S35VN is mighty fine. This is a very pretty little knife… Emphasis on “little”. Personally, I would only carry it to church, ~IF~ I went to church, which I don’t. So I stick with the big boy ZT’s. 🙂

  2. This may be the knife that finally gets me to upgrade from my Delica, the weights is really similar but with an upgraded steel in a package that doesn’t feel like a brick!

  3. If this had a deep carry clip it would be a slam dunk. The Kershaw Leek has a 3″ blade by the way and this has a 3-1/4″. The Leek is not quite hearty enough for EDC. Just ordered a Kershaw Knockout because this ZT is not available yet. I still may pick one of these up when available.

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