News Flash: Battle Bots is coming back!

And I couldn’t be happier. But what does this have to do with knives? Here’s a rundown if you didn’t watch the show a little over a decade ago. People build robots and compete with them tournament style. Often times there’s saw blades, spikes, bludgeoning devices, flipping mechanisms, and the occasional flamethrower. As a kid, it was awesome. Also, custom knife maker Will Moon participated in this show with his dad. Now he’s making badass knives. Anyway here’s some old videos of the show.


2 responses to ‘News Flash: Battle Bots is coming back!

  1. I always thought that a bot that was ambi-sided (top same as bottom), and could be flipped w/ no prob, would be a mean bot. Something entirely encased in thick, heat-treated steel that just rammed everything and used the traps as its offense. It would render the wedge almost useless.

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