Editorial: Policing, Group-think, and Non-lethal force.

In this dramatic video you will see the the best possible outcome for a situation where a man is threatening officers with a knife and is not responding to commands to drop said weapon. The responding officer remained in the safety of his vehicle until backup arrived. The officer was almost pleading for the perp […]

Reader Contest Submission: What makes a blade “Tactical”?

(This is Roger’s second entry to our Reader Essay Contest. Please submit your entry to thetruthaboutknives@gmail.com) Traditionally Tactical  by Roger Riga I don’t like the term “tactical knife.” The term doesn’t honestly judge the usefulness of a knife. It doesn’t demonstrate, describe, or even classify knives in any meaningful sense. A cursory glance at any […]

Quote of the Day: Unfriendly Skies Edition

“The most effective deadly weapon a man can carry is a non-networked three-pound supercomputer called the human brain. It takes instruction only from an intangible, non-geolocatable command apparatus sometimes called “the heart.” – Scott Ott, PJ Media. The above quote is in reference to the douchebag copilot who crashed the GermanWings Airbus, killing all aboard. It […]