Caption This: Stick a Ka-Bar in me.


“I think we voided the warranty…”


Sorry for the extended bout of crickets. I could not get my phone to hotspot correctly where we were staying, and thus could not post in the rare moment of downtime. And honestly, by the time the kids were finally asleep I wanted to visit with our hosts a bit.

I am back now and have a full plate of stuff I want to get to for the blog.

Chris Dumm, our Editor Emeritus, sent me the above screenshot. I don’t have a lot of time right now  but I thought that this is a great way to freshen things up. So I toss it out to you all for comment. Fire away.


3 responses to ‘Caption This: Stick a Ka-Bar in me.

  1. I prefer blunt objects for electric problem solvers rather then penetrating force. I also am into R/C and lipo batteries do not puncture well. Just look up lipo fire on youtube, its impressive.

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