On Freddie Gray and Protection From Absurd Laws

Due to my family roots, as well as personal history with the area, I am still coming to grips with the violence that has unfolded in the city of Baltimore since the arrest and death of Freddie Gray. I don’t feel I am qualified to provide perspective on any elements of racial injustice, economic disparity, […]

Accessory Review: Grizzly Outdoors Elite Sheath

Everyone loves a good fixed blade knife. There’s a certain confidence in having a solid hunk of steel in your hands with no pivot points or locking mechanism to flex, break, or become damaged with hard use. Not like that happens very often with modern metallurgy and manufacturing, but you just have that certain, I don’t know, brashness that sparks […]

Question of the Day: What is “legitimate protest”?

This post is completely off topic with regards to knives, but there have been two knife-related angles to the Freddie Gray death-in-custody that we have previously covered. First is the fact that the only crime he was committing was the carrying of an “illegal” knife. I also used the scumbag who stabbed the firehose as […]