Reader Essay Submission: Gollum’s Pockets

By Albert A. “What has it got in it’s nasty little pocketses?” – Gollum – Lord of the Rings Well; The usual pocket-litter. Wallet, usual cards, licenses, money and such. 2 duplicate key-chains. (I lost a key-chain once and was locked out of my life.) A bottle of hand-sanitizer. A Listerine breath spray. A handkerchief […]

InfoGraphic: Where are your knives made?

I came across this on Twitter this morning, from the feed BestPocketKnifeToday. Nothing earth-shaking, but I thought it was informative. I didn’t for example know that Ontario made knives in Italy. At any rate, I thought it was worth a quick share. I am guiding in the morning, so I am going back to tying […]

New Kickstarter campaign: The Porter Key Knife

I admit that I like little keychain gizmos. A while back I reviewed the SOG key knife, and found it to be an adequate secondary or tertiary blade for light tasks. When looking for content this afternoon, I stumbled across this little combination knife/bottle opener on Kickstarter, bearing the name The Everyman Porter Key Knife.