Knife Review: L.T. Wright Rogue River

I’ve had the pleasure of testing out a new knife from our friends at L.T. Wright Knives, the Rogue River. L.T. himself offered me the knife and I have been putting it through its paces in a variety of scenarios. The Rogue River is an exclusive design for and it is the first LTWK […]

Gerber recalls Cohort folder over defective lock

I am not in fact shocked to find out that Gerber is facing a recall due to a faulty locking mechanism. I would frankly be shocked to discover that they have gone back to their roots and produced a tool of quality. Nathan said it best in his “Gerber Sucks” post: “Gerber has become the […]

With our prayers for the fallen…

I hope everyone had a safe weekend, and that you were able to celebrate freedom among your family and friends. Thing 1 rode her bike without training wheels for the first time today, we cooked out, worked in the garden, and just enjoyed a lovely weekend. I never forget that there are families whose day […]

Reader Essay Submission: What have I got in my pocket?

(As I announced the other night, the deadline for submissions to our Reader Essay Contest is Wednesday, June 3, 11:59pm. Please send your entries to What have I got in my pocket? By Dan V. Like most everyone reading this website I carry a knife with me every day.  I own several knives and […]

Friday Film Fest 5-22-15

I like Helle knives. I do not personally own one yet, but I appreciate the simple beauty of a knife that is meant to be used. Coming from centuries of woodcraft tradition, Helle knives have earned their place in the pantheon of “classic” knife companies. This really well produced video follows a Helle knife through […]