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Video: Stone vs. Steel: Arrowhead Penetration Test

I only have a minute, but I just saw this and I thought it was cool.

I found this video at WideOpenSpaces. In it, Billy Berger, a primitive bow enthusiast, tests the penetration effectiveness of stone versus steel arrowheads. Turns out, they are every bit as effective as steel when shot into a freshly killed deer.

Apparently, there are some states that do not allow hunting with stone heads. As a primitive hunting enthusiast Mr. Berger wants to change this. The video was meant to provide support to his case.

(note from the 4:30 mark: The shooter is an idiot. No way I would shoot with a dog that close downrange. The test remains valid however.)



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  1. It would be interesting to see the results of tests comparing the effectiveness of stone vs. steel arrowheads against various types of armor, i.e. leather, chain mail, plate.

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