Image courtesy of David C. Andersen
Blade Show

BLADE Show 2015: Smith & Sons Knife Company

Image courtesy of David C. Andersen

Before heading to BLADE Show, one of our readers, Jake Middleton, suggested we check out Smith & Sons Knife Company. I’m glad I took his suggestion as I got to see some cool stuff. Not only were their products enjoyable but their booth setup was easily the best at the entire show as far as photography is concerned. The lighting and backgrounds were great and I barely had to edit any of these photos.

The new product they officially launched at BLADE Show 2015 is the Brave MT. Demand for their original Brave was too high for them to keep up with, so they enlisted White River Knives to make the blades for them. All other components are manufactured in house and finished by the Smith’s

Image courtesy of David C. Andersen

The blade is full tang stonewashed D2 and is 1/8″ thick. The blade length is 3 1/2″ and overall length is 7 3/8″. A variety of micarta and G-10 handle scales are available.

Image courtesy of David C. Andersen

I have bit of a thing for Nessmuk pattern knives, so their Pioneer naturally caught my eye. This knife is all done in house by Smith & Sons. The blade is also D2 and sports a blackwash finish. Blade stock is 5/32″ thick and the blade length is 4″. Overall length comes in at 7 3/4″

Image courtesy of David C. Andersen

Another knife that I have been hearing some buzz about lately is their Mudbug, a large sodbuster pattern lockback. Made for them by Great Eastern Cutlery, it is based on GEC’s Bull Buster knife, but as a lockback instead of a slipjoint. Other differences include thinner handle scales than the Bull Buster, and carbon steel liners instead of brass. The blade steel is 1095 and the knife is 4 5/8″ closed, 8 1/4″ open.

Check here to check out their entire range of models on the Smith & Sons website.


6 responses to ‘BLADE Show 2015: Smith & Sons Knife Company

  1. the fixed drop points look about perfect. very intriguing.
    nessmuks gotta be skinners, yeah? remind me of canadian. does murphy have a booth there?
    i’m not sure about sodbusters, but at least they lock.

  2. I own several Smith and Sons knives including the war machine prototype, mud bug, brave couple other one off models and a custom m1and they’re all amazing

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