Breaking: Manhattan Woman injured in machete attack

Winning the great timing award for today is the news that a homeless man attacked a 31-year old woman in Midtown Manhattan with a machete, injuring her arm. One of the reasons cited for NY State Senator Michael Nozzolio’s scuttling the Gravity Knife Bill is that the Manhattan D.A. is strongly opposed to it. (Of […]

Sprint to the finish…

Today is the day that KnifeRights needs your help. If you live work or travel in New York, please stop what you are doing and call or email Chairman John Flanagan of the NY Senate Rules Committee and ask him to please advance A. 4821/ S. 3675 to the floor for a vote. Phone (518-455-2071) Email: […]

It’s not the tool, stupid.

There were two acts of terrorism last week. In both cases, a racist lowlife sought to kill innocent victims, chosen because of a pathological hatred of people different than one’s self. In both cases, murder was elevated to terrorism, due to the perpetrators’ attempt to send a political message and strike fear beyond his immediate […]