Images of the day: Do it for the Padawans…

The assertion above is not quite true. The civilian-disarmament complex will never waste time blaming the tool rather than the actor while apologizing for the actor (unless that actor confirms their deeply-held bigotry). Why else would they want to restrict the rights of the countless people who didn’t do anything to harm anyone? To those […]

Video: Jimmy DiResta restores a draw-knife

Jimmy DiResta is a television personality (Discovery’s Dirty Money among others), and a self-described “Maker of Things”. His skills include woodworking, metalworking, and a pretty well regarded eye for design. In the above video he takes an an old draw-knife that he bought as part of a flea-market lot of rusted metal tools for $10 […]

Sunday Funnies: Swiss Army Tank

The two funnies for today come from the site The above is from user someordinaryguy. Below the jump is one from user harrysmemes. We are always looking for fresh content, so please send anything you think our readers might find interesting to Thanks!