A pocket-carry multi-plier? Gerber’s Crucial may be for you.

I have a love-hate relationship with Gerber. I carried a Gerber multi-tool in my fire-gear in college, but I have been turned off by their drop off in quality over the past decade. We asked the question, “What’s the deal with Gerber?” which led to some correspondence and their sending us 4 of their Portland, OR made blades to test. Those were a mixed bag, only the Strong Arm really excelled. There were issues with the Propel Auto and Gator Premium S30v but they were solid efforts, and the Ghostrike just didn’t “cut-it”.

I am assuming that they were not thrilled with our assessment. Several phone calls have since gone unreturned, as have a couple of emails. I would have asked them in person at BLADE Show, but despite assurances they were planning on attending after an extended absence, Gerber was one of several major manufacturers (Cold Steel, Leatherman, SOG, Buck, and more) no longer attend the world’s largest knife show.

That background info out of the way, Gerber has a multi-tool I am intrigued by.

My biggest problem with multi-tools is that I don’t like the belt pouch and they are typically too big for pocket carry. I tried to EDC a multi-tool for a month, and gave it up after a few weeks. It just wasn’t for me.

As you can see, the Crucial is actually designed for pocket carry. While I have not been able to locate a width specification, it looks to be thinner than a typical multi-tool and it has a pocket clip.

It also boasts a blade, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutter, carabiner clip and bottle opener.

Since Gerber is not returning my calls, I am unlikely to get my hands on one for testing. I won’t be purchasing one with my own money either. It is made in China, which is not in and of itself a problem – I like may CRKT knives, and have been impressed with WE Knives and Kiser’s offerings as well. Unfortunately, Gerber’s Chinese blades have a terrible reputation. They have been the subject of recalls and the Bear Grylls machete in particular is prone to breakage. Given that my 2 Leathermen live in my range-bag and fishing bag already, I don’t feel like plunking down $52 to buy another one. YMMV.

The Crucial is available directly from Gerber, or from your favorite major knife retailer.



  1. Bolt says:

    This has been out for a while, in fact that YouTube video was posted in 2014.

    1. came across my content search with a date this week. I hate when that happens.

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A pocket-carry multi-plier? Gerber’s Crucial may be for you.

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