Bladesports Video: Donavon Phillips breaks his own water bottle-cutting record.

The other day I posted a video (below the jump) to our TTAK FaceBook Page. It was of Gary Bond at the 2015 Bladesports World Championships. This took place outside of the Blade Show, and for the second year running I managed to miss the event. I need to make a point of checking it out in person next year. The video garnered more than a few likes/shares/comments so I thought it would be good fodder for a post.

The above video is of Donavon Phillips breaking his own world record in water bottle-cutting. He breaks his previous record of 25 by cleanly slicing 27 bottles. I appreciate the effect of slowing the cut down, but I wished they had run a real-speed version as well.

This was the video that caught my attention when it was posted to the Blacksmithing for Beginners Facebook Group, a page that has been a treasure trove of content ideas. I try not to mine one source too much, so there is a lot of worthy material that is worth losing yourself in if you are so inclined.

Finally, here is Dan Keffeler’s championship run. This is his third straight year taking home the title.




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