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Man stabs Maricopa County Sheriff Posse vehicle with 8″ chef’s knife


This might qualify as knife abuse

In the midst of several high-profile and despicable attacks on police comes this small ray of levity. A man in Maricopa County, Arizona attacked a fully marked vehicle from Sheriff Joe Arpiao’s “Posse”.


“Deputies reported Zachary Jacobson, 20, said he attacked the vehicle because he “hates the police” and “wanted to send a message to everyone,” according to a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office statement.

The statement  said Jacobson jumped on the hood of the vehicle while holding a butcher knife with an 8-inch blade.

Posse members ordered Jacobson to drop the knife at gunpoint, at which point he stabbed the hood of the patrol vehicle, piercing the metal, the statement said.”

Notice anything about the knife? It is not your run-of-the-mill box-store kitchen knife. It looks to be a Shun Ken Onion Chef’s knife, and while I am not exactly sure on which model it is, it’s metal bolster makes it one of the nice ones. Not your typically misused tool.


Zachary Jacobson was arrested for “suspicion of criminal damage”

Sheriff Joe had the following to say about the incident,

“This is a scary time for all law enforcement,” Sheriff Joe Arpaio said. “We are dealing with a war on cops. People are randomly shooting our law-enforcement officials, then this guy targets a fully marked sheriff’s vehicle to send a message.”

I am not sure what to think about that right now. Nick Gillespe makes the case that from a statistical point of view this “war on cops” is media driven hogwash:

“First—and most importantly—there is no “war on cops,” if the term suggests increasingly brazen and numerous open “executions” of police officers. The National Law Enforcement Officers Fund, which tracks police deaths, finds that the number of police killed in assaults so far this year is 25, the same as last year. The FBI says that while the number of cops “feloniously killed” each year has fluctuated over the past decade, “it stands at about 50.” As my Reason colleagueEd Krayewski writes, “In 2007, there were 67 cops shot and killed in the line of duty. In 2007 there was no ‘national conversation’ about police reform, no sustained focus on criminal justice reform, nothing in the national zeitgeist that would suggest the number of murders were the result of anything more than the number of people who had killed cops that year.”

I don’t know. Things sure feel different, but I am also older and more cynical than I have ever been. I can’t escape the fact that I run a news blog and need to spend a good deal of time trying to follow what is going on.


Is this fair or not?

Yes, I know Jacobson is white. I am looking at the situation more broadly.

When the media waves a shiny object in front of the masses, I try to see what they are trying to distract people from. Problem is, I am to the point where I have a hard time figuring out which of the calamities befalling our Country and the world is the one they are trying to obfuscate.



Stay safe everyone, black, white, and blue.


8 responses to ‘Man stabs Maricopa County Sheriff Posse vehicle with 8″ chef’s knife

  1. The news media, in my opinion, have badly distorted the police/Black Lives Matter debates currently in play. While it is true that there are instances of police racism, profiling and brutality, there are also lots of cases in which black men (and plenty of white men, too, like Mr. Fun mentioned in the story above) who engage in criminal behavior, resist arrest and fight with the cops. Bad things tend to happen when people act that way with the police.

    Overall, I think our police do a good job keeping our communities safe. Without them America might resemble failed states like Iraq, Afghanistan and Mexico.

  2. I’m surprised Sheriff Joe still has a job considering his cruelty and anti-constitution(anti-Free Speech, anti-anyone he doesn’t approve of owning guns, etc) positions.

  3. John Crawford III was murdered for doing nothing wrong whatsoever, but there were no protests or riots. Brown was in the middle of a crime, evidence clearly points to him trying to take the cop’s gun, yet a city burns in his name.
    I’m done with this whole thing.

  4. Roger,

    Where have you heard that Sheriff Joe is anti gun and anti First Amendment? Banning nude mags because prisoners were openly jerk in off in front of female guards is not an anit-free speech issue. They are convicts and as far as most are concerned, they waived their rights by committing crime(s).

    If you have links, I’d love to read them as I’m happy to be proven wrong with facts as everything I’ve ever read and heard from Sheriff Joe has been pro-Constitution.

    He’s a rough guy but we need more folks like him that throw political correctness out the window.

    Now, back to the article, sure looks like an EXPENSIVE Shun knife! Would anyone have rioted if the white suspect would have been shot? Doubtful.

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