Slo-Mo Tomahawk POV video is every bit as cool as you would imagine. is one of my favorite sites to follow. It is viral/click-driven aggregation site, only unlike all of the sensitive, touchy-feeley, lib-weenie stuff (Upworthy et. al.), it features all sorts of awesome things like a mongoose fighting a cobra or a guy hitting a running coyote with a bow-shot.

Tomahawks always make good copy. This POV video they shared the other day is every bit as awesome as I thought it would be. Almost as awesome as a video of a salmon “spawning” on President Obama.


They embedded a Daily Mail video on theirs, but it is easier to embed YouTube, so I went with that.

Regardless of your politics, that is funny. Right up to the point where BO has the fish droned and its family audited.

“Spawning” isn’t actually that uncommon. Fish have done this to me accidentally on the river many times, and when I worked in a hatchery in high school, by design.


The steelhead was happy to see me.



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