Irresponsible Blade Use of the Day: Parking-garage “samurai” decapitation prank (NSWF?)


It is only a matter of time until someone ventilates one of these idiots.

YouTuber Josh Paler Lin has generated considerable controversy with his latest “prank” video shot on Halloween. Lin, dressed in robes and a mask and wielding a katana, camped out in a parking garage and “decapitated” his accomplice in front of a passerby. He then threatened and chased them.

I am not a big fan of “gotcha” practical jokes in general, and I am absolutely repulsed by this. It would be a sort of karmic justice if one of the victims of the prank happened to be a CCW holder.

From DailyMailUK::

The prank, which appears to be entirely shot in a large car park in Los Angeles, shows a man dressed as a hooded Samurai killing a number of ‘victims’ before going after the unsuspecting passers-by.

Creator Josh Paler Lin filmed the prank for a Halloween special for his YouTube channel and it has already garnered more than 400,000 views since it was uploaded two days ago.


The real victims were the innocent passersby.

“…The clip begins with a man walking into a narrow walkway while staring intently at his phone.

But he looks up and freezes when he sees the ‘Samurai’ approaching his victim holding his sword aloft.

The Samurai tell the victim, which is actually a person wearing a prosthetic head, ‘I’m going to kill you’ before lopping off its head, causing some realistic looking blood to spurt out.

He then chases the man down the corridor while brandishing his sword and bellowing: ‘Where are you going?’ “

It seems to me that the DA in LA ought to take a very close look at this. There has to be some statute of some sort that is being broken. If I as a juror would feel that someone using lethal force could have honestly been in fear for their life in this scenario, the actions of the “prankster” have to represent some sort of criminal threat.


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    • There are a surprising, or perhaps unsurprising, number of pranks like that on YouTube that end up with a gun being drawn or a knockout punch.

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