Question of the Day: Do you EDC a flashlight?

Do you EDC a flashlight? I admit that I don’t, though there are multiple ones in my go bags, glove boxes (with strobes), and fishing gear. Fact is, I am almost never out after dark anymore. I sometimes fish until after dark, but not often. When I do I can usually make it back to the truck just fine, but I carry an LED headlamp in my sling-pack just in case or for signaling.

If I could find the right combination of power, size, and usefulness I would probably consider adding it to my EDC gear. I just haven’t yet and with little need beyond what I can meet with my phone in rare instances, I haven’t been highly motivated.

The above video is from our friend Tim at EverydayTacticalVids. He reviews Thrunite TN15 and the Surefire G2X LE, two very disparate lights, but in the context of discussing the different needs and preferences of a variety of end-users.

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19 responses to ‘Question of the Day: Do you EDC a flashlight?

  1. I have off and on for years. I thought it was dumb when I started carrying one, and definitely took flak for it, but hey, when you find random uses for it most days, you keep doing it.

    First it was just a keychain light. Photon 2 I think. they are surprisingly versatile, and definitely useful.

    Next was a streamlight stylus pro. Not tacticool or super bright. Plenty bright, though, and plenty useful. I carried in with the included nylon holster which works fine for me.

    Currently I rock a chinese thing my Dad gave me. It’s on the keychain. No idea how bright it is. Runs off a single cr123a.

    My favorite was probably the streamlight, but the keychain light is more portable and more capable. I just hate having only one device that uses that one battery type. Still carry it every day, though. So what does that tell you.

  2. I usually carry 2. I have had one come up dry and needed to go to my back up light. I also carry one on my key chain. Plus the wife has hers when we’re out.

  3. I have a Streamlight that replaced a MagLite, a little Cree (2 more ordered), and headlamps for dog-walking and camping. I have some 1AAA MiniMaglites, but they really don’t work well.

  4. I carry a Thrunite Ti3 for occasional or emergency use. It runs off a single AAA battery yet generates 120 lumens. It’s not much bigger than the AAA battery. If I constantly needed a flashlight I would carry something larger but this works fine and is always with me.

  5. Yes for over a year now, it’s used daily. Nitecore mh12. 1000 lumens, USB rechargeable builtin, best 70 bucks I’ve spent on gear in awhile. I’ve likely sold at least 5 of them just due to convenience. One charger for phone and light, no batteries.

  6. Always and everywhere. I have not yet found a place that forbade carry (although I did get some shit at a Federal courthouse once. One of the guards recognized me as a jury member and told the other guy to let me pass). Fenix PD2 (now discontinued) or a Streetlight ProTac1L. At least Hi, Lo, & strobe settings. All my jackets have another light in the pocket. There are at least 6 additional ones in my car. Etc, etc.

  7. I always have a flashlight of some sort. I have been using and liking an Olight S10 baton. 1 x CR123, 400 lumens, easy to use UI and a magnet in the tailcap.
    Small enough to fit in the watch pocket of my jeans. If I had it to do over I would get the rechargeable version with the recharging stand and a button that is harder to turn on accidentally. Backup is a small light in my Victorinox midnight manager knife with a built in ball point pen.

  8. I always have three on me while working doing home inspections. That’s mostly due to the chance of one running out of batteries while in an attic though.

    For EDC I carry a small Streamlight “protac”($45 I think) or a Maglite mini led pro (which I like more, but is longer and not as pocket fr4oendly)

  9. Olight S1 after reading Every Day Commentary’s review on it. It’s so tiny I just drop it in my pocket (the clip is wayyyyyy too tight, I just removed it).

    Great price point, tiny footprint, easy to activate, incredibly bright. My only complaint is, again, the clip. It literally requires two hands to clip it to pants pocket which makes it a non-starter for me, but it’s basically the size of a CR123 battery and sits nicely in a pocket.

    Also, the magnetized base is really way more handy than I initially gave it credit for.

    The S10R was almost the light I bought (really cool light there) but the size of the S1 was perfect for me. I just wished I had waited and got one of the exclusive titanium models now!

  10. Try a streamlight stylus pro. Clips in your shirt pocket like a pen and is as bright as many larger lights. I always have it with me.

  11. my hardhat shields come with little “underwater kinetics” 2aaa 1 led lights. i have them in all sorts of places. rubber lens housing twists for light on/ off. nearly retina searing, almost tiny, very light, drop resistant and non- conductive. i think they’re available for about nine dollars.

  12. As previous poster, Nitecore mh12. Since I can’t carry knives where I live, a flashlight is my primary self defense tool. The USB charging means it will never be out of juice, 1000 lumen of blinding power will give you that extra second to act. Since it doesn’t have a wide reflector, it’s slim enough to fit in your pocket, and long enough to extend a bit from your fist to use for strikes and locks. And it ain’t even expensive.

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