Video: “It’s a bit of a messy job, but that’s it.”

There are armchair commandos all over YouTube. And then there is Trooper Stan W. Scott, who was an actual commando. British No. 3 Commando veteran from World War Two in fact.

I have long been a fan of the British Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this venerable blade, I refer you here. For those who want an even more in-depth examination of the style, click here.

A simple glance at the knife’s wicked sharp point and thin profile, it is clear that this is a thrusting weapon. However, to hear its use described in detail by a man who carried one in action is powerful stuff and adds a level of realism that is chilling. I am glad this man was on our side.


  1. samuraichatter says:

    Keep it coming!

    I like the punch rip technique he mentioned. I think that technique could be applied elsewhere on the body. Everything I have heard about the “blood grooves” is that were/are not for the blood to run out nor for grip ergos but for weight reduction.

  2. dph says:

    I’m surprised this gentleman hasn’t been locked up just for talking about how to kill with a knife, after all he is in the UK. My god, what happened to that country, going from men like this to what passes for a man over there these days.

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Video: “It’s a bit of a messy job, but that’s it.”

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