Anyone want 15 pounds of assorted Swiss Army Knives?


I buy my knives by the pound…

Then head on over to and place a bid. It is lot #15402. There is another lot of 15 pounds of mini-SAK’s, another of Leathermen, and so on. All are TSA-confiscated.

*disclaimer, I have no actual experience with this company. Caveat emptor . It just made me chuckle when it came across my search results tonight.

Have you ever bought anything at government auction? Anyone else find this amusing?



3 responses to ‘Anyone want 15 pounds of assorted Swiss Army Knives?

  1. My brother buys surplus stuff and resells it for profit. Has made some good money in the past from university research equipment. It’s a mixed back endeavor.

    My Dad bought a lot of swak issued to .gov workers. They were barely used. Nice stuff.

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