NSFW Sunday Funny: Grand Theft Auto Edition

I am pretty much only a casual gamer. Sid Meier games are really more my speed than Grand Theft Auto. I played the first iteration on my PC, and am aware of the reputation the franchise has garnered over the years, but this video caught my attention when I was browsing YouTube. It was a […]

Another New York subway slashing…

I understated the cumulative total of city-wide knife attacks in NYC the last night. I estimated using an earlier figure in the 290’s and knew of more than 10 more documented incidents so I stated “more than 300” attacks YTD. It turns out that I underestimated by a significant amount. From NewYork.CBSLocal.com: Reported stabbing and […]

NYPD Cops slashed while serving warrant

Knife-crime continues to increase in the hoplophobe’s paradise of New York City. There have been more than 300 attacks this year alone, including a rash of subway slashings. That doesn’t stop the NYPD from arresting people who do nothing more than carry common pocketknives instead of focusing their efforts on those who are actually a […]