Video: Ride-along with UK Anti-Knife Crime Task Force

Knife Surrender Bin

The UK has a gang violence problem. They think they have a knife crime problem. They fetishize the tools which the attackers use to kill and maim. They focus their policies on the tools and obfuscate the nature of the problem.

I recently discovered this guest-post from Chris’s tenure as Editor that comes from a British reader who describes the problem firsthand.

“over here we have a certain element of society that does not seem to have a counterpart in the US. They go by the names of “Chavs”, “Neds” etc. They come about from demented generations of parental unemployment and drug abuse (generally heroin). They most often come from “housing Estates/Schemes” (Projects) and are usually dressed in hoodies and track suits. And their attitudes towards everyone is that of a predator.

You can go out minding your own business and get stabbed for no apparent reason than they just thought it was fun. They do not think like normal human beings and have no respect for anyone apart from their own social hierarchy. They are not like American gangs, in that they operate not for drug profits but for the buzz of the act. This has led to a knife crime problem, as that is their preferred tool (with locking blades being the most popular).”

The problem is societal. Add to the mix a large population of unassimilated Muslim youth, which is growing with the colonization refugee crisis, and the situation is only going to get worse. While they try to ban “zombie-killer knives“, it is kitchen knives that are the blades that are used in fatal attacks. Since these are present in every home and restaurant in the UK, the very idea of “knife control” is folly. Even if they enforced an outright ban on knives, they would still be left seizing pointy sticks.

This video makes my head explode. It isn’t a parody. And there is nothing funny about law-abiding Britons being denied their God-given right to bear tools for both utility and personal defense.

The video below is parody however. I need something to cheer me up. It is one of the best SNL skits from the post actually-funny SNL era.

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  1. A long nail lashed to a small piece of wood to act as a handle means “knife crime” will never be solved by banning knives. Nice try UK.

    Come to think of it, one could sharpen the point of a screwdriver on concrete without much trouble at all.

    1. Sam L. says:

      Or the end of a metal spoon. Ah HA! I’m gonna carry an EDC titanium Spork! (I sooooooo BAD.)

      Silly, too.

    2. Pete says:

      The “Subway Vigilante” Bernhard Goetz was accosted by muggers with a sharpened screwdriver on a NYC subway. Later, heavy duty paper clips that were straightened out and taped to the hand for a slashing attack across the face and eyes became popular.
      Anti paper clip task force perhaps?

  2. bastiches says:

    Boudicca belches.

  3. samuraichatter says:

    It was declassified from MI5 that “The Crown” gave guns to Protestant militia in N. Ireland as recently as the 1990’s. Are you going to tell me that those guns are not in circulation? And they’re worried about an ax that looks like it has been in the ground since WWII?!

    Guns, knives, and many very destructive weapons are easily purchased or fabricated. Did anyone bother to tell them that those cars in the projects are deadlier than a wall hanger sword? An Irish Car bomb is not just a drink.

  4. sagebrushracer says:

    Next up in the UK, Pointy Stick crime task force. Ban hardwood trees! Criminals prefer Oak branches!

    1. They are already there. The bobbies confiscated this broken broom handle during a “weapons sweep”

  5. MD says:

    Thanks God the bobbies were able to seize that knife, bat, and axe. Taking those deadly tools out of circulation saved countless lives.

    And thank goodness the police have the power to stop and search anyone, apparently without probable cause. For the good of society, of course.

  6. Sam L. says:

    Posted at 8:02 pm by Glenn Reynolds, Feb 21, at Instapundit.

  7. Lou Gots says:

    Ha! “. . .are usually dressed in hoodies and track suits. ”

    Hoodies. We know all about hoodies in the States. Hoodies are almost the critter uniform. They wear them to beat surveillance videos. You see a critter coming dressed like that, you a) cross the street, and b) unsnap your holster.

  8. Gilligan says:

    Look for pictures of prison shivs, home made knives built in prison by inmates from the things that they have been able to get their hands on. Among prison weapons have been sharpened toothbrushes, sharpened spoon handles, nails, bolts random pieces of metal sharpened against concrete walls and floors, toothbrushes with razor blades melted into the handles, and in my opinion, the most inventive, a plastic dagger made from the plastic wrap that had wrapped sandwiches twisted into shape, melted with a lighter and sharpened by rubbing on the concrete.

  9. a6z says:

    We have them here, too. Some don’t use knives; some use fists or kicking, or clubs, or “brass knuckles,” or guns. You don’t see them in the press so much because fewer of them, proportionately, are people of pallor.

    1. You were the blog’s 10,000th comment. Cue ballon drop…

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Video: Ride-along with UK Anti-Knife Crime Task Force

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