Sunday Funny: DIY razor-swords, weaponized figure-skates, and more…

The concept of attaching smaller “micro-blades” onto a larger tool has been around since the Neolithic period when toolmakers hafted flaked micro-liths onto bone or wood. Fast forward to today and weapon tinkerers and YouTube personalities “The Zednaughts” who figured out a way to make a version of an Aztec Maquahuitl/Hawaiian Leiomano out of hafted razor blades.

One of our readers sent the above video. Not hysterically funny, but I found his delivery entertaining enough to bundle with some other videos by the Zednaughts. For the more outlandish, make the jump. They weaponize a pair of figure skates and do some Gallagher-inspired testing of their riff on a Japanese Kanabo or war-club.

I am traveling today, and I need to run. Be sure to come back Monday morning for the debut of a new feature which we are quite excited about.


One response to “Sunday Funny: DIY razor-swords, weaponized figure-skates, and more…

  1. Razor swords, interesting. I imagine he will want to construct a scabbard too, because a slip up with either of those will require advanced medical care.

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