Action Alert! New York Gravity Knife Reform Bill

Update: Welcome Instapundit readers. Thank you for visiting, and thank you to the Good Doctor for tossing us the Brass Ring of Blogging. Our mission at TTAK is to combine the best knife reviews on the Internet with news, politics, humor, and culture from the knife world.  Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@knifetruth), or Instagram (@knifetruth),if […]

Why You Should EDC a Slipjoint Pocket Knife

This piece originally appeared at While I know everyone (myself included) loves the latest and greatest tactical folding knives and fixed blades. While they might have the most spec’d out supersteel, and be assisted, automatic, or at least flickable with their one handed operation and non reflective black powder coating. While all of that and […]

Video: an interview with Ernest Emerson

Reader James passed me this piece from the Loadout Room. It is an interview with Emerson Knives founder Ernest Emerson. I am less familiar with Emerson than I am with some other production companies. Their knives have a bit more of a premium price than Benchmade or Spyderco’s mainstream offerings. Fact is I haven’t yet […]