Chris Reeve retires from leadership role at Chris Reeve Knives; remains sole designer


Chris Reeve (left) engages in good-natured ribbing with Ethan Becker at BLADE Show 2015.

Apparently, the transition has been underway for quite some time – a couple of years in fact. The company has just now confirmed the details. Reeve has handed over day-to-day operations of the company to co-founder and ex-wife Anne.

From KnifeNews:

Though Chris no longer maintains a leadership role, he is still involved as the company’s sole designer, at least for the time being. “He has an enormous amount of talent and we’ll continue to use that talent,” says Anne. “We don’t have plans to go with any other designer but that isn’t to say we won’t if it’s suitable.” Not only did Chris Reeve invent the frame lock, still one of the most ubiquitous and popular designs on the market, he was instrumental in the development of two of the only steels ever made specifically for cutlery, Crucible’s S30V and S35VN.

The knife industry is undergoing a transition as many of the greats who followed in the footsteps of Bill Moran hang up their hammers and turn off the grinders. Younger makers will gradually take their place. Some will work to master and pass on the traditional methods, others will fully embrace the technology of the craft and lead knifemaking in new directions. The best will combine the strengths of both, fusing old and new, and take their place among the new Masters.


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