Video: Walter Sorrells makes a neck-knife from start-to-finish

Hi folks. I am trying to get all of the Blade Show swag into mailers and the like, but I wanted to add something fresh to the site. We will be pulling together a “Best of the Rest” series of posts sharing others’ coverage of the show. There will likely be a “Video Edition” as well, focusing on all of the YouTube Channels who had representatives at the show. Stay tuned.

I always love Walter’s videos. They are slickly produced and he is an excellent teacher. I was hoping to meet him at the show, but if he was there, I never managed to cross paths with him.

In this video, as the title suggests, Walter goes through a complete start-to-finish build of a small neck knife. I really like his homemade micarta scales. To see how he does it, look below.


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