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Stark Creations makes the ultimate “Iron Man” knife

I have mentioned my absolute indifference to the superhero genre in the past, in fact I have never seen a single superhero movie in my life. That said, I can appreciate a knife paying homage to one if it is of sufficient quality to be a good knife in its own right. That is certainly the case of Ben Stark, the 18 year-old (yes, 18!) knifemaker behind Stark Creations – who made this great Damascus cleaver-style blade with an Iron Man theme. I would love to get Ben to do a “5 from the Grinder” as I am always fascinated in comparing the range of answers different makers along the spectrum give to our series of questions.


In his incredibly detailed imgur thread, Stark documents the complete process of making this knife from start to finish – including making a kydex sheath. What impresses me most is actually his attitude when his initial effort met with a bump in the road. As he explains in the thread, he is used to working with harder stainless blanks. He ground the first blank too thin at the tip and it warped during heat treat. Instead of lamenting the mistake he treats it as a learning experience, reprofiles that blank and makes it into a functional knife, and proceeds with the Iron Man project using a different piece of steel.


There are tons of pictures of each step. There is even a video clip of acid etching the blade to bring out the pattern in the Damascus. After checking out the making of this cool knife, check out the other awesome blades from this up and coming maker at their website , Facebook Page, and Instagram Feed.


5 responses to ‘Stark Creations makes the ultimate “Iron Man” knife

  1. eric powell’s “the goon” is as close to hero that i get.
    recommended; maybe stark can make a damascus bent lead pipe.
    to quote goon’s sidekick franky, “knife to the eye!”

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