Survival Saturday

Survival Saturday: Making cordage from grocery bags with Joe Flowers

Joe Flowers is a knife designer for Condor and TOPS, as well as the proprietor of Bushcraft Global, an outfitter that offers survival training in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. I met Joe at BLADE, and was struck by his phrenetic energy. People joke that he vibrates at 70Hz, and I don’t disagree.

The same has been said about me. When my wife met the Fire Chief from my old department the first thing he asked was, “Have you gotten him to stand still yet?”

No. No she has not. David worried that by introducing us we may synergize and tear a hole through space and time. The Hadron Collider has nothing on us.

In this video, Joe demonstrates making cordage from discarded grocery bags, an item that is all too common even in some of the farthest-flung places on earth. Useful technique to know. He even catches a large catfish with this improvised line.


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