Question of the Day; Which knife are you?

Just like on one of those personality blog tests about which is your spirit animal, I want to know what is your spirit knife. If you broke down your personality, character and capabilities into knife form, what would you be? Are you an old trusty carbon steel fixed blade or a modern tactical folder with […]

Forged in Fire Season 3 Premier tonight at 9ET

Just a reminder that Forged in Fire, the highest rated knife-themed show ever, has its Season 3 premier tonight at 9ET on the History Channel. Fort those that can’t wait for tonight, they are running a marathon of Seasons 1&2 now. Or you could visit the official site at for more exclusive video content […]

Indian man has 40 knives removed from his stomach

Surgeons in India performed a 5-hour operation to remove 40 knives from a man’s stomach. Apparently he had consumed the knives over a 2 month period. The man is recovering from the surgery and will be discharged after he clears a psychiatric evaluation. His reason for swallowing the knives: “He liked the taste of them”. From […]