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Question of the Day: Pink (and bedazzeled?) knives?



Bedazzle me. From

This isn’t the most profound question we have ever asked, but Sam L. sent the above picture to me and I needed a way to work it in.

The gun-industry has gone all out on the pink thing. I admit I bought my daughter the pink Red Ryder, but that was her choice. There is some godawful knife stuff out there, but in general I haven’t seen too much of it. Which is a good thing.

eseeckpink_6 (1)


Most of the pink knives I have seen are fairly low price-point knives for the non-enthusiast. The ESEE above is one of a few exceptions in it is a mid-priced, more technical knife. It still seems like pandering to me.

Kershaw makes many of their knives in all sorts of colors, so it is a bit more natural that pink would show up in their line-up. Or rainbow-colored for that matter.

Have you ever, or do you think you would buy a pink (or other gaudily-colored) knife?


Parenting win?



9 responses to ‘Question of the Day: Pink (and bedazzeled?) knives?

  1. ESEE makes knives in all sorts of colors as well. That pink one is only pandering if you call some of their other colors pandering to the zombie crowd.

  2. I would not. But as the Romans said, De gustibus est non disputandum. Ain’t NOooooooo accounting for taste. Howsomever, I was acquainted with a guy who had a pink Hello Kitty daypack in college. He said he got it because nobody would steal it. Silly is as good a reason as any.

  3. i might actually prefer some gaudy colors. pink, specifically, i would take when less expensive than an identical item of a different finish. it would suck right out of the box, but develop nicely as it accumulated love scars. a knife, i mean. other stuff, not so much. what?

  4. I was going to pass this up, then rethought that idea. Here’s my two cents. Are the rainbows of colors bringing new people into the fold, new people that otherwise would not be here and starting their journey? If these wild colors bring people into knives, knife rights, by extension guns rights etc., then why in the world would I care what color it is, or for that matter what someone else’s choices are. The other thing that pops into my mind is that choice is good, and some of these not so natural and very bright colors serve a purpose, a very limited but useful purpose. That purpose, making it hard to forget or miss seeing your tools when set down.

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