Caption This: Daniel Davy Boone Crockett edition

My parent’s generation forever conflated the two icons of the American frontier in no small part because Fess Parker played both in their respective television series. I know more about Crockett than Boone primarily because he still plays a role in East Tennessee folklore. I think I read a biography of Daniel Boone in elementary […]

British Motorist describes family’s terror in knife-wielding road-rage incident

Professor Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds caused quite the firestorm when he Tweeted, “Run them down” in reference to the “peaceful” rioters who were blocking roads and attacking cars in Charlotte, N.C. last week. Political correctness aside, if one is afraid of being killed or suffering grievous bodily injury, they are entitled to use deadly force. It […]

Video: The “Spetsnaz” survival tool

A hat tip to my brother for sending this my way. I had never heard of this apparently ubiquitous tool from the eastern block. This thing is a beast, and can even be used for cutting a hole in a car roof. The video below comes from Survival Russia. An explanation of the features is capped […]