The Creepy Clown’s Guide to Buying Kitchen Knives

Knifemaker James Terrio told me he likes to make kitchen knives because, “liberals cook too”. He has a point. Judging by our comment section, the majority of TTAK readers fall somewhere on the Right or Libertarian side of the spectrum. That isn’t surprising given our being the bastard-stepchild of The Truth About Guns.  The topics […]

Video: Aikido Master performs bamboo breaking trick

I got sidetracked by the German train attack and watching my Indians put a beat-down on the Cubs in Game 4 of the Series, so I couldn’t find something truly “funny” for this Sunday morning. But this video involves an Aikido Master, knives, and quite a bit of skill. Close enough, and cool as _____.

Knife fight on German train injures four.

Details are still sketchy, but there was an incident which police are describing as a “knife fight” took place Saturday evening aboard a German train. From Daily Caller: At about 5:40 p.m. local time, four young males aged 16 to 18 were injured after some kind of argument, Hessenschau reports. The attacker is still on the […]

UK seeks to increase penalties for carrying knives

District Judge Richard Williams, a member of the Sentencing Council, said: “If people carry knives, there is always the risk that they will be used, and with tragic consequences.” (From “Tougher penalties proposed for carrying a knife”) Imagine that…if you carry a knife, you might use it. That is precisely why I carry a […]