The Knives of History’s Alone, Season 3

Season 3 of History’s Alone is back, December 8th. Like before, the show disperses ten contestants in a wilderness environment, alone, with just camera gear to film themselves, ten items of their choosing to affect their survival, and a satellite phone they can use to “tap out” when they’ve had enough. Last one standing gets a […]

One from the Vault: Knives of the Wildland Firefighter

The Truth About Knives debuted in March of 2013. In that time we have accumulated a considerable archive of material. In fact, 90% of our daily page views come from archived posts. Sometimes something that has been previously written becomes topical once again. That is the case today, though the post in question is not […]

Cyber Monday Knife Deal List 2016 (updated)

It seems like there are as many or more deals on knives for Cyber Monday as their are for Black Friday. So I am compiling another deal list for those who might be interested. In some cases, online retailers started the other day and run their sales through Monday night. So please pardon me if I […]

The knives of NCIS

A reader sent me a website he found, where someone has compiled the knives from the TV show NCIS, and then linked through to Amazon so people could buy them. I imagine that the creator of is participating in Amazon’s affiliate program and gets a small kickback when someone buys one. Not a bad […]