The knives of NCIS

Knives of NCIS

A reader sent me a website he found, where someone has compiled the knives from the TV show NCIS, and then linked through to Amazon so people could buy them. I imagine that the creator of is participating in Amazon’s affiliate program and gets a small kickback when someone buys one. Not a bad little side-hustle, and the information may be of interest to some of you. David’s posts on the Knives of Alone Season 2 continues to be a workhorse for us, and hopefully this will prove to have some legs as well.

Seen above is the Zero Tolerance Combat Folder frame-lock with tiger-striped Tungsten coating. It is Gibbs’s (Mark Harmon’s) primary knife on the show. The plain black version also makes some appearances.

I don’t actually watch the show, but was pleased to discover that the Kershaw Leek is featured in an episode where is used to defuse a bomb – MacGyver-style. Also included are  Spyderco Endura and Delica, both of which are also in my collection. There are some Cold Steels, a Benchmade and others as well.

Check out the complete list.





  1. Sam L. says:

    My wife watched that show, so I’ve watched a few, but never noticed the knives.

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The knives of NCIS

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