Votepocalypse Open Thread; I bought a blowgun

I lit the wood stove for the first time of the year and am pacing back and forth in the shop. Last time around, I was surprised that Romney did not outlast my cigar, and already tonight The Donald has made a better show of it.

A Trump win is better for the Second Amendment, and that alone would have won him my vote were I not a citizen of the one-party theocracy that is Tennessee. And Hildebeast makes it hard to teach my children civics. (“Some animals are more equal than others”)

So here I am, pacing my shop, playing with the blowgun I bought for Game 7 last week. Darts alone are not enough on a night like this.

Leave your thoughts on the election returns, blowguns, or antidisestablismentarianism in the comments below.


6 responses to ‘Votepocalypse Open Thread; I bought a blowgun

  1. navy beats notre dame (kelly’s ship is sunk).
    wrigley now has a win to go with comiskey in my lifetime.
    red (sort of) prexy, house and senate. and hyde park’s scotus nomination will be denied. i knew for sure the moment i heard wifey screaming obsenities from the living room at 04:00. there will be winners and losers.
    i left “ding dong, the witch is dead” running on loop before i left for work.

    we enjoyed a blowgun immensly as teens- why haven’t i acted on the desire to purchase a good takedown model? i’ve thought about it for decades. that needs to change. enjoy, those things are cool.

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