Knife Making

Video: Green Beetle makes a knife from reclaimed scalpel blades

We have featured several knifemaking videos from Green Beetle Gear. The gentleman in the videos is Steve Calvert, who has shared his knifemaking philosophy with us in his own 5 from the Grinder. He likes making cool one-off knives from reclaimed materials including fish-hooks, steel cable, and many others. In this video he takes scores of discarded scalpel blades and turns them into bigger knives. Not much to add to Steve’s informative commentary, so please enjoy.

We asked the question a while back: What are your other hobbies? As I mentioned, woodworking is one of mine and I am frantically making cutting boards ahead of Christmas. Plus I had a buddy come by the last couple of nights to learn how to make one for his wife.  So I am in a bit of a hurry tonight. Sorry for the rushed post.

Sorry I was in a hurry tonight. I am up against a Christmas deadline

Have a great Friday folks. Only 2 shopping days left until Christmas 🙂


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