Sunday Funny

Sunday Funny Video: Watch 150mph rocket-knife bisect chuck-roast, toy car, and more!

The Backyard Scientist Youtube channel is a font of cool and over-the-top demonstrations. If you ever wanted to see what happens when you pour molten salt into a watermelon (and lets face it, you do…), he is your guy.

Not to be confused with the 18th Century Indian sword-artillery, this latest video recreates the Mythbusters “rocket-plow” –  only scaled down to a homemade model-rocket engine and a knife. The rocket does accelerate the knife from 0-150mph in .3 seconds. The results when this rig is turned loose on a toy car, chicken, chuck-roast, and more are fairly spectacular.

I can watch the .gif at the top for hours. Have a great Sunday folks.

(h/t Nerdist)


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