Daddy, where do knives come from?

A Sean McWilliams Model 1 “in the raw”

I received a nice note today from knifemaker Sean McWilliams. I am currently in the process of testing his Model 1 (first impression here) and he thought I might like to see one in progress. As he describes in his “5 from the Grinder” post, Sean is one of only a handful of smiths who have mastered the art of forging stainless (a more temperamental process than forging carbon steel). This picture shows a bar of S35V as well as a forged knife blank. Neat to see.

Sean writes:


Great impression review, thanks. I thought you might like to see this. Top is the bar of S35 before it goes into the forge, bottom is the blade forged from that bar. So there’s a lot of stretching, drawing and shaping. But not much left to grind. It’s so warm here, I think I’ll go down to the archery range. Cheers, Sean
Thanks for checking in Sean, and thank you for the opportunity to put this awesome little blade through its paces.


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