Defensive Knife Use of the Day

Defensive Knife Use: Wisconsin teen fights off home invaders with a kitchen knife.

When Beaver Dam, Wisconsin police responded to reports of a stabbing Wednesday morning, they discovered that there was more to the story.


When officers arrived, they found a juvenile with a laceration to the hand.

The initial investigation showed an adult female and another juvenile forced entry into the Park Ave. residence.  The injured juvenile was home at the time and a physical altercation took place.

The juvenile resident was able to grab a kitchen knife for defense, resulting in an injury to themself, as well as to the adult female burglar.  Both were treated at an area hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

The woman and the other juvenile were taken into custody and charges will be forwarded to the Dodge County District Attorney’s Office, as well as Dodge County Human Services.

Good for the young woman for refusing to be a victim. If, God forbid, my own daughter were to find herself in a similar situation I hope she acts as bravely. She is taking Krav, and I am trying to instill a “fight back at all costs” attitude in her. I know that no matter how badly I would want to, I will not always be there to protect her. It is incumbent on me to make sure she has the training, tools, and mindset to do that herself.


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