Flashlight Review: ThruNite Ti4 XP-L

The folks at ThruNite liked my review of the diminutive, single AAA Thrunite Ti3, and reached out to me about testing some of their other models. I had purchased the Ti3 myself, and thought highly enough to buy 4 more for various family members and as a backup for myself. This time, they have send me a Ti4 XP-L Penlight, a 2-AAA light that is about twice the size of the Ti3, but is more functionally friendly and capable of putting out a whopping 3oo lumens in “High” mode.

Like the Ti3, the Ti4 has 4 modes:

  • -Firefly(0.4 lumens, 137hours)
  • -Low (32 lumens, 12hours)
  • -High (300 lumens, 51minutes)
  • -Strobe (300 lumens, 90 minutes)

Instead of twisting the head, the Ti4 is activated by a push-button on the back of the light. Push the button once on/once off for each of the first 3 modes, then go through the cycle a second time to end on strobe on the 4th click on.

This is great for someone who will frequently be drawing this flashlight from a pocket. However, while better than repeated twisting of the Ti3, it still would not be adequate for defensive use of the strobe. It is too long of a process to do under stress. It may be possible to do the first 3 clicks to High, and rest assured the 300 lumens is devastatingly bright.


Firefly mode:

This is useful for activities such as reading a map where you don’t want to totally destroy your night vision. It is bright enough to read by easily. It  can be used to illuminate your feet while walking, but not much more distance wise.

Firefly mode doesn’t reach out very far. But that isn’t the point.

Low Mode (32 lumens):

This setting is bright enough to be functional for medium distances and to look around a room. Compared to the battery-chewing High mode, it provides a relatively miserly 12 hours of light.

Low mode is bright enough for practical use.

High Mode (300 lumens):

300 lumens is freakishly bright

If battery-life is not a concern, the Ti4 can provide a painfully bright 300 lumens for 5 minute. This is total overkill for most uses, especially map reading, but will illuminate the heck out of a room, passage, or a sign that is 40 yards across the street.

High mode lit up my entire porch


Strobe (300 lumens):

Strobe will chew through the battery in 90 minutes. As mentioned, it isn’t practical for defensive use, but you will be plenty visible to oncoming traffic.

Waterproofing (and runtime test):

The Ti4 is IPX-8 rated which means it is waterproof beyond a meter for greater than 30 minutes. To test this, and the 12 hour Low mode battery life, I submerged the knife overnight in a gallon of water. It was still working fine 10 hours later. As I was using fairly pedestrian batteries, I am calling this good. Premium batteries should have no problem making the listed battery-life times.

The Ti4 comes with a couple of spare o-rings as well, to keep things tight and dry.


I was a reluctant flashlight carrier to begin with. I keep lights in each vehicle, and I gave in to the practicality of the Ti3 for EDC use. Fact is I am seldom out after dark beyond the boundaries of my property, and the constant availability of a flashlight is not a major concern for me. That said, I did carry the Ti4 frequently for the month that I have had it, and it is no more intrusive than keeping a pen in my pocket – even when it ended up in the same pocket as my folding knife.

I found reasons to use the light around the house, and it performed as I expected. The switch functioned flawlessly throughout hundreds of cycles.


In the end, this light is going to be added to my fishing gear, probably in my boat-bag rather than my sling-pack. I don’t have the need to EDC something larger than the Ti3, but I do like the light and think it is a solid addition to my kit. I can heartily recommend the Ti4 to anyone who thinks that a waterproof, penlight-style flashlight would appeal to them.

The Ti4 retails for 19.99 from ThruNites website, and if you use the code THRUNITE you can take 5% off that price, (or any of their products I would imagine). They also are available on Amazon.



  • LED: Cree XP-L LED with a lifespan of 20+ years of run time
  • Mode & Runtime (Tested with 2*Ni-MH/900mAh)-Firefly(0.4 lumens, 137hours)
    -Low (32 lumens, 12hours)
    -High (300 lumens, 51minutes)
    -Strobe (300 lumens, 90 minutes)
  • Working voltage: 0.9-3 V
  • Battery: 2xAAA Batteries(not included)
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 1120 cd
  • Beam Distance: 67 m
  • Waterproof: IPX-8
  • Impact Resistance: 2 m
  • Material: Aircraft grade aluminum body structure with premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Weight: 22.3 g (without battery)
  • Dimension: 132.9 x 14.2 mm
  • Accessories: 2x spare o-ring


  1. Ron says:

    I’ve been carrying a similar 2AAA penlight in the same pocket as my knife for a couple of months now. I find I use it more than I would have expected.

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Flashlight Review: ThruNite Ti4 XP-L

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