From the Comments: New York vs. Arizona

This isn’t the first time I have plucked a reader’s words from the comment section to share in a standalone post. I tried to find another example for about half an hour and gave up. Reader JB commented on the post: Judge Forrest’s vacuous “gravity knife” decision puts liberty at risk, and it is too good to let be buried in the comment section. I hope he doesn’t mind being singled out.

From reader JB:

You know? I’ve been a police officer in AZ for 20+ yrs. we HAVE NO KNIFE statutes here & very liberal gun laws. GOD BLESS ARIZONA!

Oddly enough, we don’t find ourselves in the news like Zoo York or Florida on a damn near daily basis. We don’t have the shootings (@ least of random innocent persons; call it occupational hazards for the shitheads). Likewise, we don’t have the slashing’s, stabbings, beheadings with these nefarious “gravity knives”. So many folks carry lock blades in varying sizes & more than a few carry sheath knives open & concealed. It’s not really an issue, no one ‘freaks’ & knives don’t draw the ‘side eye’ like guns do from the uninitiated. My point is, Zoo York has criminalized tools & made the cops look bad by passing asinine statutes & compelling the police to enforce them. If a person commits a crime with ANY weapon, then they’ll be dealt with using the appropriate statue. Simply criminalizing ‘certain’ knives does nothing to curb crime. Just like the draconian Clinton gun-ban didn’t do jack shit to crime!!!!

Virtually every stabbing I’ve been too (& that is quite a few) involved random objects I.e. kitchen knives, screwdrivers, box cutters, curtain rods [yes I said curtain rod], writing instruments etc etc. Most of those were domestic violence cases, not some innocent schmo walking down the street being assailed with a demonic gravity knife….

I agree with the authors assertion that this type of emotional legislative stupidity & callous judicial summation is very dangerous! It becomes a segue to more idiotic political legislation. Take a cue from across the pond; our British cousins stood obediently by as their gun rights & later knife rights were legislated into extinction.

Good stuff that.

His curtain-rod example reminds me of one of my most memorable squad-runs when I was an EMT-I with the College Township Fire Department, many years ago.

A random picture of a mud-run. The spectators do not look nearly drunk enough. (image credit)

I do not know how many of you are familiar with a “mud-run”. Basically, a bunch of folks get together in a field and attempt to run their trucks through a giant mud pit, trying not to get stuck. It is actually a great deal of fun, but sometimes people get out of hand. Usually as a result of intemperate alcohol consumption.

We had been called to the event earlier in the day when a fight had left someone injured. If I recall correctly, the victim refused treatment and we went back to the station. But we would be back later in the day for the first “drive-by piping” that I have ever heard of.

Apparently, the loser of that morning’s fight was still in a pissed off mood when he was leaving the scene. He saw the guy who beat his ass walking alone up the road. He grabbed a length of iron pipe off the floorboard of his truck, and as he drove by he clocked the dude in the back of the head, fracturing his skull. It was a graphic scene, but he lived.

I don’t remember the legal fallout from the event, but it illustrates a prescient point. No matter how you restrict firearms, knives, and other items, there is always something that can be used as a deadly weapon. Sometimes the item is misused in a crime of passion, other times, such as with an improvised explosive device, it can be planned out well in advance.

In this case it was a crime of passion, and I am pretty sure that the attacker was not subjected to a “waiting-period” or other nonsense before acquiring the pipe he used. It might have even been a “ghost pipe” with no serial number or anything.


  1. Sam L. says:

    There’s almost always a handy “weapon of convenience”.

  2. Nail nick says:

    Let’s hope he’s not a detective ….. First off one can’t tell if he’s trying to compare a city ( NYC) with a state , or state for state . Either way Phoenix vs NYC or NYS vs. Arizona , or NYC vs AZ .

    New York,wins for being safer ! Over all crime rate and murder rate any way you want to slice it. See slice it , graivity knives …..

    Sure the knife laws suck in NYC a tiny part of NYS, where we can carry pretty much anything other then autos and double edge , yes AZ has us beat there . But we can carry FB , folders of any size, flippers and the like in all the state other then NYC .

    1. Ed says:

      New York NEVER wins when it comes to freedom. If your toenail clipper on your keychain has a knife blade that a cop can “flick” open, you’re a felon. That SUCKS.
      Explain to me how NYC is a “safer” place than Arizona, a state where almost everyone can carry not only a real knife for self defense but also a firearm? Safer for who? The criminals who are robbing and mugging? Typical New Yorker…less options for self defense = safer.

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From the Comments: New York vs. Arizona

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