Knife Madness Round 2: Kershaw vs. CRKT



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Call this one the battle of the consumer-friendly heavyweights. Both companies have most of their offerings in the sub-$200 range, with some of the higher-quality budget-priced import blades. It should be a fairly interesting contest.


Kershaw “Coasted” to the Sweet 16 by defeating Coast 17-1.  You can see their company profile from Round 1 at that link.



Columbia River Knife and Tool, or CRKT as they are more commonly known, defeated SOG 17-6 in their opening round matchup.


Yesterday’s contest was a quiet one, especially compared to the previous day’s Hogue vs. TOPS slugfest. Al Mar defeated Cold Steel by a score of 28-21

after today’s contest, there are just 2 more matches left until we have our Elite 8 in place.

USA- Legacy:  KA-BAR vs. Buck

USA- Modern: Zero Tolerance vs. Hogue

Import -East: Al Mar vs. (Kershaw/CRKT)

Import- West: (Mora/Boker) vs. (Helle/CONDOR)

Thank you for sticking with us as we count down to the Final Four.

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16 responses to ‘Knife Madness Round 2: Kershaw vs. CRKT

  1. i buy and use crkt for edc. they are all made off shore.
    kershaw has great stuff made here. they get my vote for the leek alone.

  2. Very tough round. Kershaw has had good knives and good variety for years and I’ve owned and used several over time. CRKT is constantly innovating and has a number of great designs.

    I find I keep my CRKTs closer to hand and use them more often, so my vote = CRKT by a smidge.

  3. Comparing imported products alone, CRKT. CRKT’s imported products are more consistent. Kershaw makes some decent stuff in China, but they also flood the market with a bunch of junk every year.

  4. CRKT

    I have a CRKT Neck Peck that I’ve carried over 15 years. Every Kershaw knife I’ve ever owned fell apart or broke.

  5. Kershaw’s gone down hill. They don’t use Japan anymore. Plus they signed a deal-with-the-devil w Strider.

    CRKT all the way

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