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Knife Madness Sweet 16 Finale: Morakniv vs. Böker


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Today winds up the Sweet 16, with the winner grabbing the last Elite 8 spot (updated brackets at the bottom of this post). Condor grabbed spot 7 with a comfortable win over Helle in yesterday’s contest. Round 1 was full company profiles. Round 2 featured video content of the companies involved. Round 3, which kicks off tomorrow’s match between KA-BAR and Buck, will be a selection of “knife-porn” images pulled from Instagram (with attribution of course).



Morakniv knocked off Lionsteel in the opening round. You can view their complete profile at that link. Or enjoy the videos if you are so inclined. If you aren’t so inclined, scroll down and leave a vote in the comments.



Boker made the Sweet 16 with their victory over Opinel. The makers of the French classic didn’t surrender easily, but in the end the variety of offerings from the German company won the day.


Tomorrow we will kick off our Elite 8 contests with KA-BAR and Buck. Winner punches the first ticket to the Final 4.

You can read all of our Knife Madness tournament coverage here.

Here are our brackets going into the Elite 8:




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