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TTAK Knife Madness Elite 8 game 3: Zero Tolerance vs. Hogue


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Welcome back sports fans to the Elite 8 of our Knife Madness Tournament. Today promises to be a high scoring affair as ZT and Hogue both try to join KA-BAR and Kershaw in the Final 4. Les George who designs for ZT and Kershaw and Allen Elishewitz are to my knowledge friends, they both are Marines, and both were active in promoting their respective Round 1&2 matches. I would not be surprised to see a bit of friendly rivalry expressed in the face-off between these two marquee brands.

Yesterday I asked for suggestions on how to handle the last 3 matches. On thing that was suggested was to pool the Final Four into one 2-day contest. I think that is what I will do, and I have reached out to representatives of the relevant companies to ask them for a paragraph explaining why they deserve to be crowned champion. Whether or not I can pull that off, I also want to include testimonials from readers who own and use the knives. So be ready when I put out the call after Tuesday’s match.

On to today’s match.


Zero Tolerance:

ZT knocked off Benchmade and Emerson in Rounds 1 and 2 respectively. Click on the hyperlinks for those matches. Round 1 was a full company profile, and Round 2 was content from YouTube. Today we bring you the best of ZT on Instagram. Both from their official page, and #ztknives.

#zt0750 #talon #custom #ambrosia #scales check out @worldofwoodcraft for more wood projects.

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Nice shot of a zt0301 coming to you from Holland @photogeert #zt0301 #zerotoleranceknives #ztknives

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#ZT0303 shot by @kombou #ztknives #zerotoleranceknives

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Hogue pulled the huge upset over Spyderco in Round 1, and won an exciting Round 2 match against TOPS. Click the links for those matches, or enjoy some knife porn from Hogue Knives’s official Instagram and #hogueknives

#EzRepost @tactical_sht with @ezrepostapp #EDC art… 4" folding tanto from @hogueknives 📷 @squarejuan . – BC

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That’s it for today folks. Thank you for voting. Tomorrow brings you our final Elite 8 match between Morakniv and CONDOR. Should be another good one.

You can see all of our Knife Madness content here.


123 responses to ‘TTAK Knife Madness Elite 8 game 3: Zero Tolerance vs. Hogue

  1. Hogue. Mostly because I’m more than a bit of a Benchmade fanboy, and resent the loss to a sub-imprint who shouldn’t even have been listed as a separate mark.

  2. HOGUE!
    We are a family business that builds these knives with a passion for quality. Our name won’t go on unless it is the absolute best product that we can make.

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