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TTAK Knife Madness Round 2: Hogue vs. TOPS



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Now that that is out of the way, onto today’s matchup – the “Battle of the Cinderella’s”. Hogue and TOPS knocked off Spyderco and Microtech respectively, with both companies getting in on action by sharing their posts across social media. It led to massively lopsided scores. Hopefully, today’s numbers will be massive and close.

You can see Hogue’s company profile and matchup with Spyderco here. They put up a gaudy score: 94 – 37. This was far and away the highest round one total for any company.

We also have some upcoming Hogue content that I should mention. I have two Allen Eleshiwitz posts in the queue, his “5 from the Grinder” and a piece titled “Talking Tactical with Allen Elishewitz” which arises from my visit to his workshop a couple of weeks ago. I was travelling last week so I couldn’t get them pulled together, and I thought it would not be fair to post one concurrently with Hogue’s contest today.

Enjoy the videos.


TOPS also put up an extremely lopsided score, beating Microtech 49-4.  I spoke with Craig at TOPS the other day, both to give him a heads up on this upcoming contest, but more importantly to discuss my upcoming visit in June. If you missed it, I am headed out to fish the Snake with a buddy, and am going to take advantage of the fact I will be flying into Idaho Falls. I am really looking forward to the trip.


Yesterday’s contest featured USA- Modern heavyweights Zero Tolerance and Emerson. Emerson put up a respectable total of 27 points, but a timely share by ZT designer and custom maker Les George rallied their fans to take the win with 42 points.

Thank you to Les for spreading the word, and thank you to all who voted.

Tomorrow we will be moving over to the Import- East with Al Mar vs. Cold Steel.


108 responses to ‘TTAK Knife Madness Round 2: Hogue vs. TOPS

  1. TOPS knives beat every other one I have tried and IMO they are the closet quality to my 2 Randall’s. I started using them just a few years after they came out and I needed a good fixed blade plus some of there other styles and not a one failed me unlike some of the others I tried and that includes Hogue. I found that there customer service fell short when I called about some short comings on a Hogue I received a sorry about that. I was in the military in the 50s and 60s after that turned to law enforcement and I have been trained in edged weapons. I am retired now but that does not mean I have to settle for less and I have 5 right now and I am saving for my next one which I am hoping to bring home a Desert Son. TOPS keeps you on top no matter what

    • Hello Ric,
      First of all, from all of us at Hogue Knives, we apologize for the experience you’ve had and would like to work to remedy this. Can you please contact us at 1800-GET-GRIP and dial extension 227. Or, email customer service and we will get back to you right away. Our customer service manager is very concerned about this and would like to find out more info as well as do what we can to make things right. Sorry again for the inconvenience and please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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